Susan Mikaelian

Susan started teaching piano in 1992.  Although she left teaching for a few years to pursue an IT/admin career, she has returned to her life’s passion.  

In 2014, she discovered Simply Music and realized immediately the profound impact this program could have on her students' music education and lives. Since beginning Simply Music, she has experienced the unique joy that people feel when they discover their own musical self-expression.  Susan loves her students and provides them with lessons that are well-prepared, educational, and encouraging.

Susan believes that everyone is profoundly musical and has experienced those amazing moments when her students proved they could do it!   With compassion and knowledge from personal experiences, she also teaches kids with special needs including sensory processing disorder, anxiety disorder, gifted exceptionalities and ADHD.    Regardless of learning style and experience, Susan is eager to bring music to kids of all abilities for enrichment, confidence building and enjoyment.   She has also taught many adult learners with various backgrounds who love music and want to play piano.

Susan was a self-taught keyboard player at an early age and started organ lessons at age 10.   Within a year, she reached the end of the home organ curriculum and was told to get a piano.   She began taking piano lessons that focused on perfection and competitions, which unfortunately thwarted creativity. Nevertheless, over time, her love of music paved a path.  She pursued her musical interests, studied with many educators over the years and gained valuable insight to many teaching approaches and methods.

A frequent performer in her school years, Susan accompanied choirs, performed in churches for weddings and special events, and participated in many recitals and competitions.  She also studied and played flute at various events and attended master classes.

Before discovering Simply Music, Susan completed the Grade 10 Royal Conservatory piano exam and received an Elementary Piano Pedagogy Diploma.  Now, having completed the remarkable teacher training program with Simply Music, Susan is committed to sharing her love of music with ideas that make sense, in order to positively impact people’s lives.