What Simply Music Parents say ...

"As the father of a very active son, I can say that the Simply Music approach - and the personal connection Susan makes - has achieved remarkable results. But more importantly, she has ignited in him a passion and curiosity for music which now drives him to listen to and discuss music he hears in other contexts (radio, TV, etc.), and also to explore and experiment with rhythm and variation at the piano. 

As a person who was traditionally trained on the piano, I now wish I had had the opportunity as a child to learn 
via the Simply Music method."
- D. Buchan, Scarborough

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​​How is Simply Music different?

  • ​The quantity of music you learn - a huge repertoire
  • The quality of music - sophisticated, great sounding pieces
  • The speed of your progress - 35 to 50 songs in one year
  • The ease with which you experience the process

Goals of the Program
   1. Experience music as a natural self-expression
   2. Play a broad repertoire of great-sounding music
   3. Have a highly positive, self-affirming experience
   4. Develop the ability to self-generate and progress on your own

The Simply Music Piano method is based on the premise that everyone, without exception, is naturally musical. Traditional methods insist that beginners learn to read music as the means of learning to play. This removes the natural connection between student and instrument and, commonly, it removes all the fun, too.

In fact, expecting people to read music before they learn to play is like expecting children to read and spell before they learn to talk.

In contrast, Simply Music temporarily delays reading and introduces a revolutionary, ‘playing-based’ approach – a body of unique concepts that unfold directly onto the keyboard, producing unprecedented results. With Simply Music, you experience the pleasure and satisfaction that comes from immediately playing a huge repertoire of great-sounding music.